Expert Web and API Penetration Testing

Addressing OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities. Secure header checks and monitoring for changes. Support for Single Page App (SPA) scanning


Modern web applications pose a significant security challenge as developers rapidly create increasingly complex business applications. Many organizations release new or updated web applications multiple times per day, often containing multiple vulnerabilities. With security teams frequently outnumbered by developers 100:1, it’s a struggle to keep up, and most web applications aren’t assessed for security issues until it’s too late. Limited application security skills and resources prevent many organizations from effectively defending against cyberthreats.

At TheServerLab, we employ a combination of top commercial and open-source penetration tests to deliver high-detection-rate Web Application Testing with minimal false positives, ensuring you understand the true cyber risks in your web applications.

Our Web Application Scanning service supports not only traditional HTML web applications but also dynamic web applications built using HTML5, JavaScript, and AJAX frameworks, including Single Page Applications.

Many web applications implement authentication to control access to sensitive user data, which can inhibit vulnerability scanners’ ability to assess the application. Our Web Application Scanning supports a wide range of authentication options, such as form-based authentication, cookie-based authentication, NTLM support, and Selenium-based authentication, to accommodate most web application requirements.

We offer professional RESTful API penetration testing as well as testing through OpenAPI (Swagger) specification files.

Optional manual test remediation review and official validation letters are available, issued by our engineering team to certify the validity of your fixes (addressed vulnerabilities, confirmed false positives, etc.).

Instant or on-demand business and audit-friendly reports are available in multiple formats (CSV, PDF, HTML) for your convenience.

What pen test options are available?

The following black or grey box tests can be run on an ad hoc basis or scheduled with a set frequency:

  • Configuration Audit
  • SSL/TLS checks
  • OWASP Top 10
  • PCI DSS Audits (Internal or External)
  • Overview / Light Scan
  • Log4j and other popular vulnerabilities
  • Comprehensive Scan
  • API (RESTful) testing
  • Authenticated or unauthenticated public scans (default)
  • Credential Brute force
  • Content Security Policy
  • Cookies, Headers, Forms, Query Strings, JSON checks
  • URL lists or auto crawl
  • Custom RFI parameters
  • WAF testing and rule validation
  • SIEM efficiency testing
  • Attack simulation tests

Meet Your Compliance Requirements

External web application, web server, and web API penetration testing are essential for most compliance frameworks (ISO 27001, SOC 2, PCI DSS, NIST, HITRUST, etc.). Our services and reporting options not only help you meet your compliance requirements and satisfy your auditing team but also enhance your security posture, benefiting your organization and clients.

Moreover, having robust security services and a strong security posture can improve your cyber insurance coverage and lower your insurance premiums.

Our services are compatible with all major cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure, Rackspace, Oracle, IBM, DigitalOcean) and can be used for both internal and external PCI auditing.


Yearly penetration test: $3,000 per application/API (includes 2 pen tests: initial + remediation)

Monthly or Quarterly runs: $500 per application per month, including a letter certifying the results and post-test remediation

Tests can be scheduled automatically or on-demand without delays. The frequency of your tests can be adjusted to meet your compliance frameworks.

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